pfffffffffffffffffffff fff f ff tttttt actin’ like dumb teenagers in love pfffffFFFF

dumb teenagers in love, though

because neither of them really had the chance to be just that

so when they can, they go out on these ridiculous dates—seeing blasto movies, going to amusement parks, crashing kaidan’s biotics students prom

and the tabloids are full of commander shepard’s escapades. hero of the galaxy and handsome husband: they’re just like us!

buying ice cream; walking through the park hand in hand; racing each other to see who can finish a milkshake fastest

except for the days when they don’t make it farther than the balcony window, and shepard buries his nose in the patch of dark hair above the v of kaidan’s rumple-soft t-shirt, and breathes like it’s the first time, too, but also like it could be the last


“From time to time, you will make mistakes. They are inevitable. Sometimes those mistakes will be huge. What matters is that you learn from them. There is nothing wrong with falling down as long as you end up just two inches taller when you pick yourself off the fall. At times you may end up far away from home. You may not be sure of where you belong anymore. Home is always there, because home is not a place. It is wherever your passion takes you.

As you continue on your path, you will lose some friends and gain some new ones. The process is painful, but often necessary. They will change and you will change, because life is change. From time to time, they must find their own way and that way may not be yours. Enjoy them for what they are and remember them for what they were.

Oh, there’s not much left. Except, I believe… I really do believe that sooner or later, no matter what happened, things do work out. We have hard times. We suffer. We lose loved ones. The road is never easy. It was never meant to be easy, but in the long run, if you stay true to what you believe, things do work out. Always be willing to fight for what you believe in. It doesn’t matter if thousand people agree with you or one person agrees with you. It doesn’t matter if you stand completely alone. Fight for what you believe.”



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Considering Thor/Loki blogs are the ones that usually get the haters, this is actually a lovely little message. Thank you for being polite!

Alright, I’m going to list a few things:

  • Thor and Loki are over a thousand years old and all they’ve had for all those years is each other. That’s it. They have always been at each other’s side and would die for each other if the situation demanded it of them.
  • Even after being banished and killed, Thor won’t fight his brother. He won’t because fighting his brother means shattering every bond they’ve ever forged and he won’t do that. He can’t.
  • When Loki makes the choice to let the void take his life, Thor mourns for decades (possibly centuries, given the differential in time measurement between the realms). None of that was what he wanted. All he wanted was to have his brother back and now his brother is dead.
  • The first thing he does upon discovering Loki on earth is to take him as far from the mortals as he could and beg him to return to Asgard. Yes, beg. He pleads with Loki because he knows that Loki is unwell. He tries to mend what he has apparently broken, only to learn that his brother may very well be beyond saving.
  • In the Helicarrier, the same process repeats itself. But there’s one notable difference. Thor doesn’t try to reason with Loki. He doesn’t try to beg him to release him or reconsider. He remains absolutely silent, and by that, allows Loki to take his chance and finally step out from the mighty thunderer’s shadow. Even at the potential cost of his own life.
  • Then, the confrontation atop Stark Tower. It’s really, really obvious that Thor doesn’t put his all into fighting Loki. And he doesn’t fight offensively, he fights defensively. He uses Mjolnir to block Loki’s attacks because he refuses to hurt his brother. Even before he arrived, Mjolnir didn’t immediately fly to his hand. Why? Because he was beginning to realize how dire their situation had become and that he may have to kill his brother.
  • When he finally gets a split second of clarity in the midst of Loki’s madness, he tries to convince him to help the Avengers destroy the Chitauri. Compromise is what he hopes will work, what will shift the tide. But then Loki slips a knife between his ribs and flees. Thor resigns himself to continuing the fight, but he doesn’t confront Loki again. Perhaps he can’t bear facing how badly he’s failed the one person who matters more than the nine realms to him.
  • The last we see of them is their return to Asgard. I have a feeling Thor wasn’t too pleased about his brother being bound like that, but being on mortal soil with mortal rules, he didn’t have a choice.
  • Really, what drove a great deal of Loki’s actions in Thor was his self-loathing. It’s so strong and so ingrained, and mostly due to Thor’s unconscious actions. Then again in Avengers. His anger and self-loathing drives him to try and separate himself from Thor. But, there’s also Tom’s note that “the opposite of love isn’t hate, it’s indifference, and Loki hates his brother”. Loki hates so strongly and he also loves equally as strong.
  • Neither of them will be able to kill the other, no matter the crimes and insults and hurts dealt between them. That’s part of what’s so powerful about their relationship. They’re tied together till the ends of time, unlike anything mortals can conceive of.
  • Also in the comics, they’re even worse. They keep wounding each other (physically and verbally), and yet they will never truly inflict deadly harm on each other. They love and they hate in equal measure, and really, that’s how it’ll always be.
  • There is no Loki without Thor, and there is no Thor without Loki. Loki hates and loves that because he will always be defined by Thor, and yet he also loves Thor more dearly than anyone. On the other side of the coin, Thor’s love for Loki is unconditional. His patience is tried consistently, but he’ll never stop loving him.




If we’re going to talk logistics and mortal/Asgardian morals, this is definitely important to acknowledge. I think if you look at just about every pantheon of immortal deities in lore and human history, you’ll find that no one gives many fucks about who they’re fucking. Even if that someone is their sister or father or mother or cousin or their whole family (Zeus, I’m looking at you).

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Scarlett Johansson for Vanity Fair BTS | May 2014

”I am Groot.”

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Iron Man (2008): Deleted Scenes

Tony Comes Home


can you imagine though, jarvis all alone in tony’s malibu house? jarvis who of course doesn’t have any physical form at all, jarvis who at this point occupies just the house and tony’s phone—jarvis, who is dependent on tony for everything, who lives essentially in tony’s pocket, suddenly being completely alone for the first time in his silicon life.

and every ten minutes on the dot for days and days and days he accesses the latest news reports, re-calculating and re-calculating tony’s chances at survival, endlessly running the numbers. and nobody told him to do that. tony’s house was empty and dark and nobody told jarvis to keep an eye on the news but he did. jarvis could have just spun down his hard drives and gone into hibernate mode, but he didn’t.

no, he watched the news. he stood vigil. he waited and he hoped that his calculations were wrong. that one day he would be able to say welcome home, sir once more.

Emotional state: upset about robots.

Well yea, kids get upset when their parent isn’t around.


did you just get me upset over automated intelligence?

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I know that guys can be sports fans too but it gets so annoying when it’s seems as if they only go to games to get drunk. If you don’t know anything about the sport, just don’t talk. Stop yelling at the players to shoot. They talk so loud about the stupidest things and it’s embarrassing. And why show up in that guys jersey? He’d never go for you lol. Just the other day I heard a man say “Doesn’t Bobby Ryan play for Anaheim?” and I’m just like god go watch Real Housewives of the OC seems more your speed, bud. Like this is why I can’t take any male sports fan seriously. It’s nice when some hot guy is wearing my favourite team’s shirt but the chances of him actually knowing what he’s talking about are so low. 

I know that some of them do actually know the roster and stuff but the majority just wanna seem manly or impress girls or they don’t seem to get that no matter how much you love the guy, he’s a superstar athlete and probably wouldn’t sleep with you, so maybe stop trying. 


Cap and Bucky WIPs.

I was really disappointed in the first Cap movie but this one looks so promising I’M EXCITED.

I wouldn’t even be who I am if not for Aunt Peggy…her and her stories about you and the war…and all her secret spy missions.


The Winter Soldier: Jay

Captain America: Kali

Photographer: Angel V.’s Photography

I am so happy with how this turned out! Thank you so much!!

"Bad books on writing tell you to ‘WRITE WHAT YOU KNOW’, a solemn and totally false adage that is the reason there exist so many mediocre novels about English professors contemplating adultery."

- Joe Haldeman (via maxkirin)


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bucky barnes high fiving a little boy with a right-hand arm prosthetic as gently as he possibly can with an arm that can literally rip off car doors without a creak

bucky barnes redesigning his arm so it represents more than what he used to be and seeing a little girl dressed up as him for the first time he can’t help but grin and tell her how great she looks

bucky barnes helping bring publicity to a fundraiser that’ll help kids get the prostheses they need and letting several children braid his hair because he still hasn’t cut it yet

bucky barnes spending some time with dementia patients (or amnesiacs) because he understands how lonely it is when everyone wants you to be someone you don’t remember being at all

quiet hero bucky barnes

bucky bringing dry erase markers with him when he visits sick kids and letting them draw on his metal arm

steve/sam, one of them makes a Plan to make the other fall in love with them through CHARM and DEBONAIR-NESSc (and that's the first problem right there, they don't know how to turn debonair into a noun and it's all downhill from there) ((by DOWNhill i mean blowjobs)) (((okay i'm done)))



Natasha gives Sam a parting gift, too, though he isn’t quite sure what to do with it. To Steve, who can never go back, she gives a folder full of the past; to Sam, whose future is uncertain, she gives a glimpse of what could be. Via text, of course. Apparently wherever one goes to establish new covers has decent service.

He loves the Mets, she texts, with a little baseball emoji.

Good, Sam replies. I couldn’t trust a Yankees fan.

For that, she Snapchats him a clip of her rolling her eyes.

Also, she says, he likes it when people have deep conversations with him. “Who am I”, “what is the nature of trust”, “can government ever be truly representative” and all sorts of fun stuff like that.

I’ll bear that in mind? Sam texts.

And he doesn’t like public displays of affection, he receives back, and that’s when he turns his phone off, because if he’s being this unsubtle something is off with his game. Not that it’s a game. But.


Sam makes bullet points.

Don’t make bullet points!!!!!!! Natasha texts him.

Sam keeps right on making bullet points.

  • Mets game??????
  • Discuss nature of reality
  • be debonair as a debonairite.
  • seriously, the nature of reality? what. (WAS NATASHA LYING.)
  • seriously, morning run.

You made bullet points, didn’t you, Natasha says.

I thought you said you didn’t know everything, Sam texts.

I don’t, Natasha texts back. But you did, right?

Sam turns his phone off again.


and anyway they go to a mets game and get shake shack and they get to the bottom of the ninth and the bases are loaded and CHRIS YOUNG (??) IS AT BAT AND HE HITS A GRAND SLAM AND THE GIANT INFLATABLE APPLE BEHIND HOME BASE COMES UP AND SAM JUMPS UP SCREAMING because seriously, who is a yankees fan, anyway they’re playing boston and anyone who wins against boston is good people in sam’s book, and that’s how he completely forgets to slyly put his arm around steve who is CAPTAIN AMERICA, seriously, he’s at a baseball game with captain america!!! how cool is that! which is also how he completely misses steve looking up at him completely unable to suppress the BIGGEST FOND GRIN. anyway on the train back into the city he reenacts all the best parts in his head and sneaks looks at Steve, who is sitting with his cap pulled down and kind of dozing a little, and feels like his heart is going to burst out of his chest with how much he cares


AND ANYWAY they try and discuss the nature of reality and instead they discuss the nature of guacamole because seriously, what is it with avocadoes, steve’s never quite been able to get the hang of how to tell when they’re perfectly ripe but apparently life is like an avocado, tony keeps saying that and steve is completely sure he’s fucking with him but he is going along with it so he can get better revenge one day, and sam is also useless when it comes to avocadoes but he is willing to try, he is willing to go out and buy two dozen avocadoes from the street vendor down the road from avengers tower, and then he is willing to sit and try one every day for two weeks just so they can tell what the pinnacle of avocado perfection is, even if he is heartily sick of avocadoes (how is one sick of avocadoes!!!!) by the end of it, and sam thinks that’s maybe what life really is about, this sitting and halving avocadoes with someone you big l-word, this waiting, these good things coming with time. which is how he totally fails and also aces the second bullet point.


sam never beats steve on a morning run. it’s okay. he’ll keep trying.


what’s the noun form of debonair, Sam texts Natasha. He’d like to believe their friendship has reached the no-punctuation-ever stage.

debutante, she replies.

thanks bunches, he says. you’re a real friend, Tash, and then savors the brief radio silence while she weighs a sarcastic response against how much she genuinely likes his nickname for her.

deboner? she says, which is how he knows he’s forgiven.

sounds like me all right, he replies. Fuck if he knows what he’s doing. Fuck if he knows if it’s working. Fuck if he knows anything, at this point, besides how much he wants to kiss Steve, and ask him how his day went, and also wake him up when he has nightmares, and be there for the good dreams.


ANYWAY IT IS THE END OF WEEK TWO AND THEY ARE OUT OF AVOCADOES AND THEY HAVE WATCHED AND/OR LISTENED TO METS GAMES FOR A WEEK and steve and sam realize they have been covertly staring at each other for HALF AN HOUR and sam laughs nervously and steve smiles and says, “sam, have we been —”

"COCKBLOCKING OURSELVES," sam says, and then coughs, and says, "wait, what? who said that? not me. definitely not me, what, who."

"well, yeah," steve says, and smiles even more, and sam blushes RIDICULOUSLY hard, and then MAKEOUTS AND DEFINITELY BLOWJOBS, this got way out of hand

I approve of everything in this post except that this story does not yet actually exist on the AO3. 

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Was that the first time you’ve kissed someone since 1944?


What if he says no because he’s done a lot of kissing since then? But not with a lot of girls, just with Peggy?

Every time he goes to see her, she’s forgotten him, and she’s so happy to see him again, and even now she’s still beautiful. They’re the same age, God knows. If not for the Red Skull, he might have been kissing her for the last seventy years. 

Sometimes he has to kiss her hello twice a visit. It’s not an imposition.