Think about pre-war Bucky Barnes being the one the girls can trust.

Sure, he’s a bit of a devil, and he’s always gonna bug you to try and drag along another gal as a date for that skinny friend of his. Still, he’s got a reputation - a reputation as a guy you’ll be safe with, safe enough that you can try things. He’s not boring or uptight; Bucky is definitely willing to take things as far you’ll let him. But he’s also willing to stop whenever you say stop, and take you home with absolutely no trouble and a sweet kiss goodnight at the door.


Curious to know what a real kiss feels like? Or ready to let a guy feel you up for the first time? You know you can do that with Bucky, and he’s not going to hassle you to do more than you want to do, or get angry if you won’t go further. He’ll show you everything you’re curious about without demanding more than you’re ready to give. When the guys ask him later how things went, he’s just going to smile and insist that a gentleman never discusses the ladies he courts.


When Bucky Barnes takes a girl out, she knows that he’ll be exactly as much of a gentleman as she asks him to be, and exactly as naughty as she allows. With his looks, his wit, his brain, his charm, and the way women can trust him, think about Bucky Barnes being the one all the girls whisper about when he walks into a room. The one they all know will show them just the right amount of any forbidden pleasure.


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no press, not ever


"So, you two are dating. That’s new, isn’t it?"

Captain America and Bucky Barnes exchange a long, unsmiling look. Falcon, off camera, pinches the bridge of his nose.

"We’re married," Barnes says, flat and deadpan. "We’ve been married since July."

"Birthday present," Captain America says, smiling tightly. "We’ve been together since ‘39."

"Give or take," Barnes says, shrugging.

"Boyfriend, though. The boyfriend’s new," Captain America smiles, slow and dangerous, and Falcon cringes, closing his eyes and counting backwards from a hundred.

"We had a girlfriend before," Barnes adds, with a smile that looks like he practices it while he cleans his rifle.

"She was my girl,” Captain America says, and Barnes shrugs.

The interviewer is clearly struggling. “I see. So- um. Your- your boyfriend, does he- I mean, you two-“

"He won’t move in with us," Captain America says, blue eyes wide and innocent.

"We’re horrible to live with," Barnes says, smirking, leaning back in his chair. "Coffee cups everywhere. Cigarettes on the fire escape. Paint on the carpet."

"Cats," Captain America says pointedly. "Three Maine Coon tabbies. Hair on everything."

"Ah! The- the cats. They’re yours, aren’t-"

"They’re mine," Barnes corrects. "They tolerate Rogers. They’re my cats.”

"His Instagram is public," Captain America points out. "Those really are his pictures. Those cats are his children."

"Winter’s Children," Barnes says mysteriously, staring off into the distance.

 Captain America elbows him in the ribs.

"Right, so, um. We have another Avenger with us today, um, your colleague-"

Boyfriend,” Barnes and Captain America correct automatically.

The studio is dead silent. Falcon sighs as he walks out, goes to sit beside Barnes, who immediately moves so he’s forced to sit between them. Barnes and Captain America instantly go from dangerously tight to loose-limbed and bedroom eyed. Falcon shakes his head.

"Can’t take these two anywhere. Just ask me everything, they’ll troll you all day. Jerks."

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